PDP Group is pleased to announce the launch of the NIADA CPO Daily Rental Vehicle program in conjunction with NIADA. We are the leading broker and administrator for the OEM service rental vehicle programs and are bringing our expertise to independent dealers to promote customer loyalty, maximize service revenue and create another profit center within your dealerships.
Service rental programs are used as a customer experience tool by providing convenience to your customers. Customers drop off their vehicle for repair and receive a service rental vehicle for use while their vehicle is in for service. The supplementary CPO program offering allows you to keep your customer captive to your dealership as opposed to sending them to a national rental company who also may have a competitive used vehicle retail operation. The convenience of having a service rental vehicle keeps your customers happy, takes the pressure off of the service department when delays occur and provides your dealership with a competitive edge. The NIADA CPO Daily Rental Vehicle program will contribute to maximizing service revenue by capitalizing on the NIADA CPO rental reimbursement benefit of up to $40 a day/$280 per repair. Your dealership can seize the rental income that would otherwise be captured by your potential competitor – the nearest national rental company. Another fantastic opportunity of the program is to participate in of the growing rental industry by offering rental vehicles to the public. This attribute of the program creates another profit center within your dealership and allows you to offer an alternative rental option to your local community. Public rentals through the NIADA CPO Daily
Rental Vehicle program permits your customers to bypass the busy national company rental desks and work within the convenience of a community business. This exciting new program increases customer loyalty, maximizes service revenue and improves dealership traffic which all create additional sales opportunities. For more information on the program please contact Jaci Bennett, Director of Business Development, PDP Group at: 410-456-4700 or JMBennett@pdpgroupinc.com or ask your Warrentech agent for more details.