Click to view a CPO Dealer video promoting consumer confidence in the NIADA CPO program at their dealership.

Sample Commercial for Promoting CPO cars at your dealership

E-Z Way Auto Sales provided their latest facebook post focusing on their NIADA Certified Pre-Owned inventory selling fast...

Darla Booher, the owner of Deal Depot in Greer, Spartanburg and Duncan
“By giving the consumer a better product, in the long run we’ll sell more cars. So I think it’s a win win, plus there's absolutely no additional cost to the consumer”

Frank Fuzy, NIADA president, owner of Century Motors of South Florida, one of the nation’s largest Internet auto retailers
“One great thing about this program is we get to pick the cars we want to certify, so we get to pick the best of the best. “Our average customer is driving a thousand miles or more, so this is huge. With a CPO vehicle, they get a warranty that includes towing, trip interruption and plenty of other assurances with this program. It’s been working and it is very helpful for us. “It works for us. It’s a great way for independent dealers to compete in the CPO market with all of the other manufacturers’ programs.”

Chris Martin, Owner of E-Z Auto, Fayetteville, NC and 2012 NIADA President
“Since E-Z Auto has been offering NIADA Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles, we have seen that our customers immediately understand the value of buying or leasing a certified vehicle over a vehicle that is not certified. They are willing to pay more for a CPO vehicle. We have seen our overall sales numbers and profits increase since offering NIADA Certified. NIADA Certified lend credibility to your business and gives your customer the confidence that comes with buying a certified vehicle.”

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